Vlog or Blog?

I've considered starting a vlog. I have a YouTube channel with no videos, yet. Have you felt you want to blog or vlog or even do both? I have so much emotion, stress, and struggles that I experience along with my partner. And as I have posted before, I have rarely related to a blog... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a special day! It is Mother's Day! Moms are the hardest workers I know of. As mothers, some of us, if not most of us, are battling mental illnesses, regular exhaustion, other medical problems, jobs, school, relationships, and more than one child. It isn't easy to get up every day even when you... Continue Reading →

Vampire? I might be…

A lot of people know and most dont believe me at all. But I have an allergy to sunlight. No, I'm sure your uncle or aunt don't have the same condition I have. Literally, I'll say what my condition is, Solar Urticaria, and someone says yep I got that or know someone who does. I... Continue Reading →

God, are you real? Can you hear me?

I'm not against religion. I've always been really curious about it. Most of my life, I was raised by my single mom who didn't have much help or influence from her families on religion. The Hispanic side of my family has rumors floating around about abuse, drugs, alcoholism, and even some rape/murder allegations. These people... Continue Reading →


I didn't have any clue what Hypothyroidism was before last thursday's doctor's appointment. I knew people have thyroid issues and usually that meant if someone was overweight, the thyroid was to blame. Of course I was ignorant to it because it didn't effect me. Now it isn't a HUGE deal because it doesn't change how... Continue Reading →

Eye’ve got a problem, lmao.

Don't you just feel like you've almost got your life together because you are keeping up with your medical appointments?! I slacked off on seeing a therapist but I have every intention of going tomorrow even if my mood swings are minimal for the past few weeks. I have a little laser procedure coming up... Continue Reading →

I gotsa toddler!

I haven't wanted to blog because I just haven't felt the need or want to do so. Plus I haven't had much to really post about. First things first, Alaina is 2 years old. I am so proud and happy to have my sasshole daughter in my life. My parents had a party before her... Continue Reading →

40 Random Questions

I found a list of 40 funny random questions. I decided to list and answer them for some humor for myself and everyone else in life! What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back? A: To tell someone you love them. What do... Continue Reading →

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