My Birth Story

I love to hear women’s birth stories because no story is the same. I love to hear the kind of experiences that we all endure and deal with just to have a mini human tell you off, because you got Cheerios instead of AppleJacks. I’ve learned a lot from other mothers’ experiences and definitely a lot from my own. So here is my birth story! It is pretty lengthy :]

I gave birth to my daughter on March 24th 2016, this falls on a Thursday. The Saturday before that I was getting off of my overnight shift at Amazon and I was having contractions. They were coming right on top of one another. I was so sure that it was time and I made my way to the hospital. Craig told me that he was doing over 90 MPH to get to me. Only to find out that I wasn’t in labor but I was 1 cm dilated.

Can you imagine how disappointed I was? I wanted to have my baby but on that day, she would have been considered premature. I was scolded by my doctor because I was supposed to go on maturity leave the week before and I was still working. I still planned on going to work that night until my OBGYN shut that down. Sunday was my baby shower, I was super stoked and excited to be around our friends and family. I was standing and walking all around. I felt like I worked out that entire day. Once I came home, I was officially nesting.

I put like 97% of the gifts we got from the shower away after washing and drying the clothes, too. I was sore and exhausted for the new few days until Wednesday. That is the day I knew something was different. At about 1 PM, I started to have contractions. When I was in the hospital on Saturday, they explained if I have 6 or more in an hour, to call and come in. I kept having 4 or 5 but never 6 in an hour. Craig got off work and we had to run by the grocery store Giant. I couldn’t sit or walk right, I was in tears the hold time just feeling the contractions while we were in the store. It felt like the baby dropped into my entire bladder and vagina. The cashier was an older woman who said that it looks like it is time to go.

We ended up making and eating tacos for dinner. Craig was passed out before I knew it. At one point, I had to poop so bad, when I did and the feeling didn’t go away, I felt that it was time. I called my doctor, as soon as he called me back I was dealing with a contraction. He reminded me to breathe and relax, I cursed at him and said I can’t. He suggested to get to the hospital, he would meet us there. I got Craig up and in the car (which I have anxiety in from a car accident) I am moaning and clinching up in pain wishing he would go faster than 85 MPH.

We get to the hospital, I get checked and I am 4 or 5 cm dilated now. I’m finally admitted because it is timeeee! I realized my mom isn’t here and I needed her to be. So Craig drove from another state (15 minutes) to get here and now needs to leave to get my mom into this delivery room. They came to the hospital and I opted for medication by then. I was grateful that nothing happened and no one missed anything. I believe my water broke before that but I can’t remember. I just remember Craig being behind me while I got the epidural. I couldn’t look at it myself getting that done.

My mom and Craig were suppose to be in the room when I delivered the baby. Unfortunately, not all plans for birth work out as planned. I kept pushing every few hours and I kept remaining at 9 cm dilated at those points. I was feeling exhausted, hungry, and frustrated that I was still pregnant. Around 10 AM, I was there for 10 hours already, and I was willing to say yes for surgery because I couldn’t take it any longer.

Fast forward to about 3 PM, my doctor confirms I need a c-section because I was still at 9 cm dilated. I had been there for 10 hours and the medication wasn’t helping. I was prepped for surgery and being tested to make sure I couldn’t feel the blade on my lower abdomen. The nurses almost forgot to let in Craig to the operating room. I remember vomiting while laying there on the table. The assisting OBGYN was on the table pushing down on my stomach to get the baby out.

I looked over at Craig, he looked worried and overwhelmed. I remember thinking wow, this is someone that is officially going to be in my life forever. He is going to be a father. I’m going to be a mother. I can’t believe this. I looked up at the glass cabinets in the operating room and I saw the reflection of my baby coming out of my stomach. I heard her cry, and I immediately started crying. I urged Craig to go get pictures of her, go see her so I could see her.

The moment that was etched into my mind was when he came back to me to show me a picture of her…he was red in the eyes and tears were forming. He said, “I looked down at her and said her name and she looked right at me!” I knew at that moment that this was the man of my dreams and I had a kick in the gut/butterflies in the belly moment. I finally had my family. I am finally a mother! I’m just like my mom! It was the most wonderful, traumatic day of my life.

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