Toddler Abuse

My toddler abuses me. And I know she enjoys it a lot, too.

During the weekend, I’m sitting on the edge of my bed across from our PS4. Alaina is goofing around and moving her feet in all silly ways kids do, and she proceeds to knock over the game system onto my right foot. I got mad, I was in pain, but I knew it wasn’t a big deal because it was accidental. I moved the USB cable from where she could pull it down again. She apologized and laughed at me.

My foot hurt, it was swollen, and I was developing a bruise. I ended up sitting in that exact spot again because that’s my spot LOL. Within minutes of me doing this, she somehow gets the PS4 to fall on my foot AGAIN. I was so pissed that time, I had to limp away and sit on my toilet with the door locked. I knew I was being tested.

Last night, Alaina is in bed and we are kissing her good night. I lean over the bed, I asked her for a kiss. As this child tries to get up, she surprises me by swinging her head back and hitting me in the eye. This one hurt worse than the PS4 on the foot. I walked away cursing and getting made at Craig because he was laughing. He had the nerve to tell me it was an accident, lol. I was like accident or not, my head hurts sir! It is now even funnier to type it out than right afterward.

I have plenty of other moments where I step on items, trip and fall around Alaina’s messes, and let us not forget the headaches from lack of sleep or just because she is annoying me. I used to believe in child abuse…baby cries and keeps you up all night, won’t let you nap, keeps having diarrhea or vomiting, and all those little calls to the pediatrician because they blink weird. But this. . . this is TODDLER ABUSE!!

I can only wonder what other forms of abuse shall we receive from this girl. How many more time can I be tested? I remember before I had Alaina, before I was pregnant, and before Craig and I were together. I had no patience. I had no doubt in my mind that I would never be a mom or spouse. I can definitely say that without Craig or Alaina, I couldn’t be the woman I am today. I am still learning, I’m still new, but it is really him that makes me just better and more understanding.

Does your child drive you nuts with abuse like mine? Name a time you were really tested. What do you do to calm yourself if you feel tested? I know that both moms and dads get tested by their children but I fully believe they test us both differently. I know certain things that Alaina does test Craig and other things she does tests me. Leave a comment, I’d love to converse!

The Kali Mom





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