The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving

I used to have all the time in the world to visit friends and family. Many times that I didn’t it was just because I didn’t feel like going anywhere. Now with having my own family, I barely have time for myself it seems. We have a national holiday to spend time with our families, friends, and potentially shop/work. Even on a day meant to be spent with family, it is impossible to accommodate when there are so many people in your life.

I always feel bad for my parents and siblings because I don’t see or speak to them so often. I always feel bad because Craig and I don’t see or attend every event for his friends and family. I’m sure everyone knows life is just exhausting. We both work full-time, I go to school full-time, and Alaina is a full-time mess. But this is a time to be thankful.

I am thankful for everyone in our lives. I’m sorry we don’t speak to or see eachother regularly. I’m sorry we don’t really try to make an effort to speak to or see one another. But for all of my friends, my family, Craig’s friends, and Craig’s family. . . I love you. I hope everything is going good for you and I am thankful for you being in our lives.

I’m also thankful for everything that has happened to us negative and positive. Whether that be people or untimely events, thank you. I dislike many things, many people. I appreciate that because those things or people have helped shaped me. I need a test or two…sometimes 202453736350 but who is counting right?

I just wanted to express my appreciation for every one. I’m thankful for being able to wake up and tell my family I love them while we drag around our home getting ready for work/school. I’m thankful for when it takes 3 hours to get home from work because of a winter storm. I’m thankful for eating Ramen on a night we have no other food to eat. I’m thankful for when Alaina is annoying me and I go sit and hide in my bathroom for a few minutes. I’m thankful for Craig and I’s arguments because I’ve been meaning to yell and cry at someone. I am thankful for every bad and good thing that happens. It could always be worse, but it is not.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

The Kali Mom


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