Happy November!

I am beyond excited today.


First of all, this means Thanksgiving is weeks away. Secondly, Christmas is approaching its heels. And I really love the cold weather, the changing colors of the leaves, and better excuses to see family. Did I mention the cold weather? My toddler loves the cold.

Yesterday, Halloween, we avoided trick-or-treating for Alaina. It was much easier to go to Shiloh Baptist Church for their annual trunk-or-treating event. It is very educational to get different stories of the Bible, and seeing people dress up as Mary and Jesus along with the theme of their trunk. Our girl was Doc McStuffins.

How cool would it be if she grew up to become a doctor?

November, it is an exciting time because I love everything about fall and the upcoming winter. It is usually when I realize how broke we really are. We are pretty low on the earned income scale. When I think of that, it allows me to remain more positive about going back to school. It is stressful when you want to come home and relax, but you have 3 discussions to post, several chapters to read, and an American History subject to choose for your final project.

Christmas is the one holiday I am always excited for but I can never afford it. I want to deck everything in Christmas cheer. I want to bake all kinds of desserts. I want to buy Alaina a shit ton of toys she doesn’t need. I want to buy peppermint mocha creamer and feel like Santa Claus when I sip my morning brew. But times are hard.

What do you get a 2 and a half-year-old for Christmas? What about your spouse? He isn’t even picky, I am! I want to get him the best things and the most expensive. I just want to put all the money I don’t have into a gift that doesn’t even fit in my tax bracket.

This is the time of year people want me to donate goods or money, and I want to ask them if they can donate the items to us. Granted, we have some pretty amazing family. We wouldn’t ever be without food or essential items. We hate help. We feel horrible about it. We are adults, we live alone, and we should be supporting ourselves and our child. But Craig’s parents are magical, so are mine. To remind us that they were in our shoes. These things happen and things WILL get better.

November is exciting. Whether it is positive or negative. I look forward to a great rest of the year. I have my daughter, my man. I occasionally have my sanity. A New Year is approaching. It is exciting, and I’m so happy it is November.


The Kali Mom

What were you guys for Halloween? What were the kids? What is your favorite time of year? Let me know!

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