Happy Saturday!

Today maybe Saturday but today is MY Friday! Welcome to another post! This isn’t about anything specific. I will probably do one about Alaina in a few days. She currently has ringworm on her scalp. She’s doing fine! But the process to clean it sucks.

I have work in less than 2 hours. So for now, I’m cooking breakfast for my family. It is very basic…bacon and eggs. Craig will tell anyone with ears that I can’t cook right 😂.

I really can’t though.

My man has been busting his booty working multiple doubles every week. I worry about him some days because you can see it wearing on him. He doesn’t have the freedom to relax, spend time with us, play his games, and sleep.

For those that are reading my blog for the first time or don’t remember, I have hypothyroidism. It is so annoying. I’m still very exhausted. My emotions are still in check for now. But otherwise, if I’m still this tired, no matter how many hours I rest for, should I get myself checked out? I’m still just *waiting for the medicine to settle in*. It has been about 6 or 7 months since my diagnosis.

We were having a mini Snapchat Shoot while Daddy slept. Soon after, we were there with him 😊.

I woke up thinking to myself I really need to trim my hair. But of course the thought ran through my mind…should I cut it or trim it? Should I do something new with color or style? I don’t have a clue on what is best for my hair. It can wavy one day, curly the next, and super oily after that.

I know Craig wouldn’t care if I cut it, but I know he likes me with long hair. Shoot, I do too but it is taking forever to get there! 😑

The food is yummy you guys 🤗 but I didn’t make enough bacon…see I can’t do anything with bacon right 😂.

Today is Craig’s Family’s End of the Sumer Cookout. I’m so excited because I love his family more than my own mostly. Of course my immediate family is great but otherwise, his family has been there for us more than my own.

I’m very grateful for my daughter and my boyfriend. I’m grateful for my parents and siblings. I’m just really blessed to have a great support system even if they don’t come from my bloodline.

I have to finish off my breakfast and get ready for work. I hope everyone’s weekend is amazing. I hope you all look at the positive side of everything…no matter how terrible it is getting. If no one loves you, cares for you, thinks about you…I do.

The Kali Mom


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