Toddler-Free; JK She’s Just Sleep

My kid is sleep!!

Do you ever go to sleep before your kid does because you’re too tired? Usually that is her dad, sometimes me if I’m real exhausted. I can go into the room and she can be jumping on him, the bed, screaming, laughing, and talking to him and he’s sleep. I can’t even do what he does. I’m getting jealous typing this out.

It is currently Tuesday morning. I’m about to go to bed. But holy crap, like it took me 3 hours to get this girl to sleep. I unfortunately had to let her take two naps during Monday because she was sick. I kept her from daycare and she is so much better now.

This was us on Saturday/Sunday and she wasn’t happy:

It really isn’t a day off when you have a sick toddler. This is real first time having Alaina be so attached to me during the past few days. Tomorrow, I won’t exist anymore. Mom who?

My Weekend:

Yesterday morning, I woke up thinking, “Alright! This girl is going bye bye so momma can rest and *do* homework!” I wake her up and I get the you-got-me-effed-up-if-you-think-I’m-waking-up-for-you.

I forgot to mention that I started my period and I’m way unprepared for this. I like to chill at home, do nothing, sit at home, procrastinate, and do nothing.

I eventually took a nap with her, lol, I couldn’t avoid it. But I messed up her schedule. I’m sure the extra sleep helped with whatever cold she had.

Besides the cost, daycare only really sucks because your kids get sick more than normal. At the same time, it helps her immune system but nobody has time for unplanned days off.

But finally, my mini me is sleeping peacefully.

Once we move, she will have her own bed & room to sleep in 😅🙃. But I’m sure she will still join us and take up most of our space in bed [king size but it doesnt matter].

How do you deal with your kids being sick? Do you have a regimen or system in place? Are your children older or toddler/elementary age? What’s something that always works for you as a remedy or medication? I’m willing to learn & know more 🤯🤣🙂.

Be Blessed!

PS this is my first photo after turning 27. #teamleo

The Kali Mom


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