I used my EpiPen for the first time.

I’ve mentioned before that I have an allergy to sunlight. It’s called Solar Urticaria.

Because if this condition, I ended up using my EpiPen and calling 911 for the first time.

Last Monday, I did some overtime for work early in the day. As soon as I get off work, I hall booty to the bus stop, only for the bus to early have been early or 30 minutes late. I’m under trees/shade for about 25 of those minutes. 93 degrees I believe that was the high🙄.

Anyone who has had a bad allergic reaction usually feels tired, sore, dizzy, and nauseous along with some other symptoms. I felt like this for days.

Just back up a moment…my primary doctor has me on levothyroxine, vitamin D, and zyrtec. My allergist gives me singulair and an EpiPen. Almost 2-3 weeks into adding singulair to my daily pill consumption, my skin reactions aren’t as severe. But the anaphylaxis has gotten worse. So much so that I would rather deal with the physical pain of hives and burning, than being dizzy, scared, and gasping for air.

The next day I’m feeling nauseous and my anxiety is probably making my other symptoms feel worse than normal. I didn’t go to work, I went to my allergist to explain my symptoms. I was given an inhaler along with zantac, which is a good h2 antihistamine supresser??…I don’t even know…but it helps with my allergy and acid reflux. I’m told to go home, stay inside, avoid the heat and sun…

Wednesday I didn’t feel much better at all and my anxiety was through the roof. I get some blood work done that morning before work for my allergist to test for food allergies and IgE. The P.A. thinks Xolair, which treats severe allergic reactions like CIU, would help me. I went to work still only for my symptoms to get worse. I always avoided using my epipens because I was afraid of the side effects and stabbing myself. I really had no doubt in my mind that I needed it. I called 911 right after. I’m trying not to cry on the phone because my body is reacting to the epinephrine. My anxiety was like we are just gonna go full crazy mode.

I go home that night after my ER visit, being told I am doing well. I just need to avoid heat and sunlight again, as if I have a choice. I mean good effort Capital Health, I know you can’t do much about what you don’t know.

I felt more scared being in the hospital last week, then going when I was in labor. They knew my condition, I was having a baby. They have a whole department for before and after the baby. But my allergy isn’t well known and even my EpiPen could have made it worse.

I skipped 2 or 3 hours of how my body would normally, unmedicated, have reacted to the sun. Usually in 5-15 minutes I have feeling itchy, swollen, red skin. After coming inside, you see the hives form but if I am still outside, add an addition 20 minutes and you’ll see. If I am physically active [rare cause I’m lazy] or in direct sunlight, I have a total hour to an hour and a half before my reaction gets critical.

So my body skipped the hives and jumped to the hour and a half to two hour marker of if I was outside. That is severe part of reaction, the I should have used my EpiPen already stage. I had no time to react and no time to think.

Its Monday today and I am scared. By just being hot, even though I am inside, my breathing gets worse and I feel light headed. By going outside to the corner store, I’m afraid it will be my last trip anywhere. I try my best to be silly and deal with the cards on my table but it really sucks. I’m used to not being included in things that would involve me being outside. Can I stop feeling in fear of going to work, the store, or just visitinging family? This is enough. I’m hoping to look up different doctors or specialists to help me with a cure, medication, or some idea as to how this even started 14 years ago.

I also will do my darnedest to quit smoking, drinking more water, and eating right to take this pressure off my body. I know the symptoms don’t help with me being overweight.

Can anyone recommend a Facebook group or Blog/Vlog to do at home modified routines and meal prep/training? Please drop them in the comments or email me: thekalimom@gmail.com.

Much love 💜.

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