Vlogging is no joke!

I have recorded 2 vlogs!

2 Vlogs!!

It is seriously stressful. I want to look at myself rather than the camera lens. I want to look at everything else but the camera.

My goal is to be entirely ME. This means no make up, no cute outfits, no awesome hair dos, and no pretty back drops. I think the back drop may change because I would want to be creative. But I do not want to put on a front for the world. When I walk out the house, I’m comfortable.

I don’t have a sense of style or the money to afford it. Especially not having a large income along with a toddler…your money goes to replacing clothes every few months. 😏

I found out my 2nd recording looks way better than the 1st because I used the rear facing camera on my Galaxy S9+. Rear facing also makes it easier to focus on the lens and not the image of yourself since it is turned around.

As I stated before, I want to provide relatable content. I don’t want to sugar coat anything. I hope I can gain more viewers for not only successful reasons but for some constructive criticism.

Lowkey, I’m so afraid of sharing my videos on my personal Facebook page. Which is odd because just about anyone and everyone can go view it on their own on YouTube. But I’ll post the link to this blog so my friends and family can read it and click the link. I just don’t want people to feel sorry for me or my family or just lack open mindedness. But I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinions. Doesn’t me I’ll like it 😂.

My Youtube channel name is The Kali Mom, here’s the link to my most recent post: https://youtu.be/bSooUo5LzpI.

I hope you all subscribe, like, comment, or just view it. I’m grateful for anything because it’s only the beginning. 💗

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