Vlog or Blog?

I’ve considered starting a vlog. I have a YouTube channel with no videos, yet. Have you felt you want to blog or vlog or even do both?

I have so much emotion, stress, and struggles that I experience along with my partner. And as I have posted before, I have rarely related to a blog when it came to someone in my situations.

I don’t have wonderful looks, make up hacks, great style, or a large sum of money. I do believe that this is apart of our struggle and eventually life will get better as we work harder from learning from our errors.

Our habits, when it comes down to money and investing, are horrible. I mean the most money I’ve had was when we claimed our daughter on our taxes. I mean who doesn’t look forward to that extra income but that is the only large sum of money I’ve see. We never get a chance to use it towards ourselves because it went to the bills and our used car.

I’m sure many can relate to some of these issues.

I have been recently doing my best to make doctors appointments about my back pain, my allergic reaction to sunlight, and soon I’ll be able to dive more into my way of losing weight.

I feel that these issues would be better tackled in a vlog.

I want to put myself out there to not only put pressure on myself to do better for me but also my family. I also want to view the differences I will physically see in my appearance and demeanor.

When your life is paycheck to paycheck and you are living with your spouse and toddler, how do you start? What camera do you use? What program is used for editing? How much time does it take to edit? Can this be apart of my career path along with what I am attending college for?

We are going to move soon into our own apartment. I’m hoping as we grasp onto another change of space and scenery, that I can utilize the space to start a vlog. I still would like to purchase my domain to have a real looking blog. But I am rather glad I still started this in the first place because it just would have been another thing I procrastinated on.

When I start my vlog, I will likely post a blog to follow up on it.

If you’d like to see more up to date information on day to day situations; follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat: TheKaliMom!

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