Vampire? I might be…

A lot of people know and most dont believe me at all. But I have an allergy to sunlight.

No, I’m sure your uncle or aunt don’t have the same condition I have.

Literally, I’ll say what my condition is, Solar Urticaria, and someone says yep I got that or know someone who does. I happen to see that person and they are out at the beach and on vacations with their families while I’m home protected from the rays.

As a person, you always want to do what you are told not to do. It’s just nature. And as a person, you want to go outside after dealing with winter and other hectic elements.

As a mother, you want to take your child for a walk or play outside, but after 20-30 minutes in direct light…its not fun. On hotter days, my reactions occur sooner and last longer.

The skin that is most vulnerable like my arms, chest, and cheeks start to turn red, feel hot to the touch, and soon gives appear if I press my luck with time outside.

I was about 13 years old when I went swimming with my sister. My back was bumpy and red after 6 hours of being in the water so she told me to shower. Not thinking, I took a hot shower with my back already hot with hives.

I opened the bathroom door to come out and a burst of cold air hit me from the AC and I passed out. That was my first experience with this condition.

I didn’t find out what it really was until my sophomore or junior year of high school. May I mention I was playing softball for school for all those years dealing with the symptoms and side effects.

My allergist didnt even know what it was until I did my own research. I gave him photographs of my reactions, how long I was outside, the temperature, and time of day.

This was from a few days ago being outside for 45 minutes. I wasnt in continuous sunlight but for more than 15 mins towards the end of the 45. A few hours later, looks like nothing happened.

I’m pushing on 27, and still dont have a medication or treatment for it.

I’ve tried different stronger SPFs, umbrellas, layered clothes, tents and hats. Never works because the longer I stay outside the sun just eventually goes through it.

I wonder how many others suffer because you need to walk or ride to the store, go to work, school, or just visit a friend but you can’t escape the sun. Even on cloudy days, I have a reaction. It’s just a blanket on top of a flashlight. You leave the light on long enough, you’ll feel the heat come through soon.

Life like this makes it unenjoyable mostly. I want to go to vacations, cruises, beaches, parks, or even walk the city. I even have issues with breathing and loss of consciousness if I stay out too long.

So, anyone that claims, “I got that, too!” or “I know someone who has it!”, please go to the doctor. Find out for yourself and me. Because the more that people do report it, the more work that could be done for the sufferers.


This is the same day as the picture above, my face is swollen, hot, sweaty, my blood pressure was rising, & cracking a smile was impossible.

Clearly I had sunglasses on…lol.

Be blessed xoxo

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