I gotsa toddler!

I haven’t wanted to blog because I just haven’t felt the need or want to do so. Plus I haven’t had much to really post about.

First things first, Alaina is 2 years old. I am so proud and happy to have my sasshole daughter in my life.

My parents had a party before her birthday and we had small get together with my boyfriend’s family on her birthday. She got a special gift from us:

This vehicle is hilarious because it has a horn and kids radio that plays the same 4-5 annoying songs. It has an auxiliary function, but the radio music plays louder than whatever you hook it up to. I cant wait until is able to operate it on her own. Thankfully it has a remote control so she can still get around.

There is an oddly satisfying feeling seeing other people get things for your kid for their birthday. Even if it was or wasn’t for any occasion, it just makes me jelly inside. Alaina is like most toddlers, very easy to please and doesn’t require much money or effort to entertain. It just reminds me that when life is busy for all of us, parents or not, you still thought to do something with her or for her.

I’m grateful that even in our situation, jobless for me again, we are managing to leave Alaina in daycare. She constantly is upset coming home afterward. She shows steady improvement in her vocabulary, numbers, letters, and colors.

I know this is the bigger stage of childhood: terrible twos.

I got her a push popsicle. She ate it. She cried because it was gone. But it looks like the worse batch of vomit on a child. But I can assure everyone, it smelled and tasted like orange, raspberry, and lime.

She loves to get under the bed and hit her head a million times without crying.

You have to make sure the toilet is cleaned before you use it.

I definitely have my moments of anger and deep sadness because she makes me feel exhausted. I can do everything to please her and it’s not good enough. The one thing that is dangerous to play with is the only thing that shuts her up. And then if I want to be intimate with her father, she knows 12 hours before I do and ruins it. I don’t know how other parents were able to have another child right after the last. I praise y’all.

I’ll be posting another blog soon about my mental state, some health issues, and my overall well being. Stay tuned


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