Sick – ish

Wow! It feels like forever since I have blogged!

Life is always hectic. It is even worse when your child is sick.

Alaina was congested and had a bad cough towards the end of January. That was when we received her nebulizer. Almost two weeks ago she had the same symptoms but it was worse. She was at be parents house struggling to breath and her father and I ended up rushing her to the ER.


But now she is done her medication and she is a lot easier to deal with.

Soooo, after your child is sick who else gets sick? The parents. We both were ill for a couple of days but the coughing started giving me more issues with my sciatica. I ended up going to the most terrible hospital in Trenton…SAINT FRANCIS…and I was given a muscle relaxer, a shot of Toradol, Motrin, and Promethazine. Oh joy.

It really freaked me out to have a sick baby. Already, it is stressful as hell. Then you add in the deaths related to the flu outbreak…and it is a panic. It is a shame you feel relieved it was only pneumonia.

Remember y’all, wash your hands, your babies hands, your man’s hands, your momma’s hands, and your booty too.


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