What’s going on with my lady parts? 🤔🤗

It’s late night.

Specially 3 am on Saturday morning. I have work in 8 hours. Oh joy!

This particular blog will go into some detail about after birth side effects and some on going womanly issues.

Nonetheless, going to the potty (yep, I said potty!), I realized it might be that lovely time do the month. I have never experienced a regular cycle in my life.

When I was 9, I had my first period in elementary school. I told my friend who yelled to our 4th grade teacher that I was bleeding. My mom was called, she called ALL her friends. We had a girls day where we went out to eat and just talked about me being a woman. I don’t even remember what we spoke about. I remember her making me feel good and proud about bleeding monthly.

I didn’t have my next period until about a year and a half later.

The longest I’ve ever gone with getting my period “regularly” was for 3 months straight. It has happened a handful of times.

After I gave birth in March 2016, I bled for those several weeks. I started bleeding again in July 2016 and it wouldn’t be heavy. Just enough for it to show on my tissue but never enough to need a pad. It would happen for 6-8 weeks with a 1-2 week break in between.

Any woman knows that wearing a pad longer than just a few days can become very irritating. For me, I wore one every day I left home because I didn’t want to take a chance. It wasn’t until March 2017 that I finally went to a new OBGYN who gave me birth control. I opted out after I finish the one month because it really messes with my hormones and weight. Although I’m already overweight 😂.

So since then I’ve probably had 2-3 periods. When I finally bleed, it goes for a week. Sometimes even more but I’m just screwed for that timeframe.

I refuse to see a doctor because I’m on Medicaid. I cannot find a doctor I’m comfortable with seeing about my lady parts. I’d prefer to see Dr. O’mara who also delivered Alaina. He’s amazing!

I was introduced with to the idea that I might have endometriosis but I kept getting the run around.

So for my ladies: do you have options? Opinions? Ideas? I want to try a menstrual cup or something to help me with the pad and tampon situation. I want to save money, use less products, and stop irritating my lady parts.

I apologize for the in-depth story of vaginal bleeding. I’m not willing to withhold anything that has been suffered in my path of womanhood.

I mean it sucks, lol, but someone has to speak on it. Not everyone can experience this great 2-3 day cycle, not everyone wants birth control, and someone could be or have experienced what I’m experiencing.

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