Just Straight Up Nonsense

School has officially begun.

I attend SNHU online for Information Technology. At the moment, my classes are English II and Human Relations. In the summer of 2017, I stopped attending school because I was feeling too overwhelmed. I felt like I couldn’t handle this anymore, I bolted. Since I stopped in the middle of a term, I have to complete the classes I wigged out on. Intro to Information Technology and Human Relations. The first I got an A- last term and now here goes to Human Relations.

At the start of this morning, I couldn’t only think to myself that I MUST be crazy for really trying to be successful at multitasking. As I type, I should be reading my assignments but I needed to blog. I don’t have the chance to really express myself. It isn’t even anyone’s fault but my own. I’m okay with my loneliness. My little one is watching YouTube Kids on my phone while poking my belly. I’m not alone but I feel lonely.

I am 8 days free from smoking. Cold turkey isn’t easy. I decided to do it because when I try to decrease the number of cigarettes I smoke in a day, I just go back to my old habits.

I went to see a daycare center today. I was very nervous and excited. It is a small business, I can admire that this woman is working with what she has in the safest and educational ways for the children. It is also a black-owned business that is in the heart of Trenton. My daughter walked in and had no issues with anyone there. I’m just happy she will be able to interact with other people and babies. I’m just happy that someone with an education in education (LOL) can provide my daughter with an education. Too many educations there, haha.

My daughter will be 2 in March. I’m happy we were able to wait this long to put her in school. With the help of our family and friends, it made our transition to parenthood easier. Mainly my hubby’s family. I have my parents and that is all. He can call his mom’s cousin’s best friend’s sister and they will come at the drop of a dime. Even if the last time they spoke was 2 years ago or something. My extended family would just ignore my messages.

I really had no category for my post. I never do. I don’t want to seem so calculated. Because I’m not. I’m not at all organized and I’m not all put together. I’m not some perfect homemaker. I’m just trying to make it in life and provide a better upbringing for my daughter and potentially our future children.

It’s almost midnight and this lovely crazed angel next to me is dosing off. Time for me to get her ready for the bed. I hope and wish everyone well.


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