New Year, New Me ;)

Happy New Year!!

Who doesn’t think of New Year’s resolutions? Even if you don’t openly admit it, you probably have a goal for the next year. I usually do, but at the end of January…it’s gone. So of course, I have some resolutions for 2018.

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Get license
  3. Get my daughter’s birth certificate
  4. Get my daughter into daycare
  5. Move
  6. Pay off credit card debt
  7. Leave the house more often/Make friends*
  8. Lose weight
  9. Be more physical and positively emotional in my relationship
  10. Curse less

SOOOO, I have a lot to work on.

I will not go into detail with all of my resolutions. I will say my most important resolutions are 1, 7, 8, and 9.

I am basically a depressed, overweight woman who sits in the house all day with her kid, neglects her relationship, and does ultimately nothing. I would love to break out of that habit. By getting out the house, I know this could do wonders with my depression, weight, and being lonely. Being that I have medical problems that keep me inside, I will just have to think smarter in ways to enjoy life more. Receiving my license will help me so much so I don’t have to worry about public transportation. I’m praying this will link to making a new friend.

One of the most important things in my life is my relationship. Which is why this is so important for me to achieve this goal. I admit to myself, I have changed. I stopped caring about pleasing my man. I don’t mean only in the sex department. I’ve lost the feeling of wanting a typical relationship. After I had my daughter, I instantly lost the urge to do anything. I mean EVERYTHING. Cleaning, cooking, working, sex, going out, having friends, and being free.

It makes me feel like a failure as a mother, girlfriend, and a woman to have these issues. I’m supposed to easily and magically multitask. I lack it all. I still have no clue why I feel this way. I need to change. I need to break free. I need to do what I know is right.

My relationship isn’t on the verge of failure. It isn’t perfect. It isn’t great either. I’ve come to the realization that if you can find the flaw within yourself, try to change it. Try to make a difference before failure is possible. I’ve let myself go when it comes to weight, my relationship, my self-esteem, and my health. There is nothing wrong with utilizing the new year to make a change and challenge yourself to stick to it. Especially when your changes positively enhance yourself and your family.

What are your resolutions? Why do you not like resolutions? Do you always just create goals for yourself and just complete them without using a new year change anything? Have you ever completed a resolution? What was it?


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