It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I am so excited for the holidays. I don’t really care that I am beyond broke and I will have to work as many shifts as possible to cover bills. Did I mention shifts? I got TWO jobs. I know, it sounds like a lot to deal with. Luckily these are two part-time seasonal jobs. I would hope I am considered to stay if my work ethic shows I’m a great candidate. As I stated in my last post, I didn’t apply at many places because I thought with my experience and knowledge that I was “too good”.

When you have a family, bills, looking to save money to move, and just sometimes have date night…you will do almost anything. And I feel happy that I can say I am employed even if it may be for a season. I’m secretly one of those girls that adore the holiday season. I do, however, dislike when I see Valentine’s Day merchandise in October. BUT I love hearing Christmas music and seeing decorations everywhere I go. I won’t have a tree to put up where my family and I are staying at currently. I feel a bit more appreciative of seeing the decorations in the city and on my friend’s social media posts.

Luckily, my family was invited to my mom’s house the Saturday after Thanksgiving to help decorate her house. My daughter gets to witness a tradition my mom set forth with my sister and I when it was just us three girls. It is even cool to see my stepdad and little brother look forward to our tradition and incorporate it as their own. When our livelihood gets much better, I plan doing the same in our own home.

Besides decorations, what do you plan to get for others? Are you that person that loves a personal gift that had thought put into it? Do you prefer a gift card to get what you want? I’m a little bit of all of the above. I’m not upset if I get a gift card. I will be if it is like a $10 gift card to Macy’s and NOTHING in there would be that price. I’m a happy as heck chick if I got a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. I love to get goofy gifts like some silly hat or socks. I love wine except red (I know I’m weird lol). I know some folks that feel like you don’t care about them if you get a gift card. I know some that will complain you didn’t get them anything for the first time last Christmas, but when they get you a gift it is like some cheap dollar store trinket. And you used to spend money on a decent gift and shipping so they get it on time.

If anyone who reads this would like to contribute to Dunkin or Starbucks, even Uber…leave a comment! Lol, and if you thought about it but can’t afford it, leave a comment because clearly I am in the same boat too.

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