Am I invincible now?

Do you feel invincible? Before I became a mom, I couldn’t handle baby drool, vomit, my own vomit, baby poo, and baby surprises.

Now I’m invincible. Yesterday, I gave my 19 month old daughter a bath to soothe her to sleep for the afternoon. She was acting a fool to get out of the tub. Normally she only does that when I wash her hair because she hates when it’s time to rinse.

I splash some water on her, some bubbles subside, and I see poop on the bottom of the tub. I take her out and sit her on her potty, and she starts laughing and screaming in excitement. Does anyone know how difficult it is to pick up wet soapy poop out of a tub and from under the bath mat? Not fun. Not fun at all.

I thought after this little incident that just 2 years ago, I would have gotten someone to clean it up. Or worse, I’d let her finish the bath and act like I never saw it lol. But get this…I put her back in a freshly clean tub. We finish her bath all for her not to even want a nap.


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