The Real Freakin’ Deal

I used to believe by seeing all these different blogs that I could find someone to relate to with my struggles and lifestyle. So far, everyone is either wealthy or money has never been an issue like it has for me. Most bloggers are these amazing stay at home moms/dads that got college degrees and had a very privileged upbringing. Now, I could be wrong about those bloggers but this is how I viewed “bloggers”, in a sense.

I’m a multi-racial woman who grew up without a father, a multiple job working mother, a disabled older sibling, and I’ve been threw abuse, sexual assault, homelessness, and more recently, parenthood. I didn’t have a great life growing up. I didn’t have amazing opportunities and long term friendships with kids. I didn’t think of what I am going to college for and what I would like to be when I get older. I just didn’t care for life and what my career path would be.

I wanted to find a blog that would show me that there is someone similar to me on the web. A person of color. A entry-level qualified person. A mother who suffers through postpartum depression, obesity, and sometimes her relationship. Of course, I don’t hope that anyone is dealing with the issues I have. I don’t need folks just as messed up as I am, lol. But I want to provide an outlet for myself and tell others who may not know that I am this kind of being.

I am a fun, corny, say “sorry” too much, cautious person. I also curse a lot, I smoke cigarettes, eat not enough or too much, and I bite my nails. I prefer to wear Uggs, sweat pants, and a big ole t-shirt without a bra. I want to sit in the house and be loud and run around with my 19 month old baby girl, Alaina. I want to finish school, find a good job that puts more than just food on the table and roof over our heads. I want to be able to do things and go places. I don’t want to be secluded to a very boring life.

I just want to remove myself and my family from the hood along with the hood tendencies. Just kidding, I don’t have those but this is pretty much the hood if you’re from Trenton, NJ. I want to share my struggles of parenting, depression, trying to lose weight (when I start trying, I’ll let cha know), and working. Who knows, maybe this blog can be so successful, I don’t need a 9-5 job but until then…2 part-time jobs, full-time online school, and 2 kids (my daughter and boyfriend) are my jobs. So welcome to the not so typical blog of a 26 year old chick that doesn’t have any of her shit together. This will be a wild ride indeed.

I’m The Kali Mom.


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